28 June 2013

Road trip to Phuket (December 2013)

Before my family and I go for road trip, I have come up with new plans because we leave on the 6th (that's Friday). For day 1, we arrive at the airport in Phuket and rent a room. I actually feel that The Yim Siam Hotel is the one that we will be staying for a week in Thailand. The language we'll be speaking is thai to the hotel accomlator about the room. I may want to blog there and my family return on the 14th (that's Satuday).

You can head over to mrbrownshow.com hear the mrbrown show podcast episode "English for Airports", but watch out for any bad words.

19 June 2013

the mrbrown show: The Mosquito Song

A silly song we came up with before I kena get enlisted to NS (serve National Service) this year because I'm turning 18. Reminds you of Home…

the mrbrown show gets a Christmas visit

We had some unexpected guests at the mrbrown show studio the other day, and they came to spread some Christmas cheer!

Give it up for the 501st Legion from Singapore!

Caution! Big video file!

Download here: http://www.mrbrownshow.com/2006/11/30/the-mrbrown-show-the-mrbrown-show-gets-a-christmas-visit/