13 February 2014

A (new) short film from 987TV

Youtube link: http://usbrwn.co/JgRP_rfS9MA

I must admit, a short film from 987FM is being reviewed and what I want to make a short film is about a overnight camp. It was the first time in history for me to direct this short film in March. First short film produced by my facebook profile. The time has come in March to have me directing a short film. It will be called Riding in Buses with Pupils. Staring the students of the Vocational Track from Pathlight School (Pathlight.org.sg). The credits will be jotted down as below:

Riding in Buses with Pupils

Special thanks to the committees for planning the event!

10 February 2014

broadcast: the valentine's day special

brown and Miyagi give you the very first Valentine’s Day special for the mrbrown show. Download the ringtone! It is free! Impress your friends! Become social pariahs!

Warning! This podcast has an MA18 rating because Miyagi uses one bad word. Minors and people who are offended by bad words must not listen to this show. Thank you.

Go to the mrbrownshow.com or usabrownworld.tumblr.com sites for the mrbrown show 8 February 2006: the valentine’s day special