31 March 2014

New video from a friend of mine

Youtube link: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0gboRqUxjA8

This video from Jason Ong Wei Boon was known as My Photo Montage. Please watch it and subscribe or email me on walkmars1759@gmail.com.

26 March 2014

the mrbrown show: drilling platform of wondrous dreams and feelings

We decided to pitch in and promote the Marine Industry of Singapore and inspire Singaporeans to carve out careers in this growing industry, like our local TV station did. Follow the lives of our protagonists Hong Khan, Siu Lee and Kenny as they protagonise in our epic series.

Special shoutouts to our Golden Hoarse award-winning actors Yina and Steve, and Mr “Movie Voice” Tan.

This episode of the mrbrown show is sponsored by Mobile Podcast from M1. M1 customers can now enjoy the mrbrown show plus thousands of exciting podcasts on your mobile phone! Call 1627 to subscribe or visit www.miworld.com.sg for more information!

Go to usabrownworld.tumblr.com site for "the mrbrown show: drilling platform of wondrous dreams and feelings"

20 March 2014

New, Old and Rare Covers

As mentioned on Blink-947's facebook page, the tracklist has been released, but you have to wait for this album to come out in 3rd quarter of 2014. The tracklist is here:

  1. Basket Case (Green Day cover)
  2. Welcome to the Black Parade (My Chemical Romance cover)
  3. Dakota (Stereophonics cover)
  4. Fame < Infamy (Fall Out Boy cover)
  5. Boulevard of Broken Dreams (Green Day cover)
  6. All the Small Things (Blink-182 cover)
  7. Saturday (Fall Out Boy cover)
  8. The Carpal Tunnel of Love (Fall Out Boy cover)
But the music videos for all shortlisted tracks to be made on Punk-o-Matic 2. They are the ones with the music videos (except "Fame < Infamy"). Here are the tracks that has music videos:

    • Basket Case

    • Welcome to the Black Parade
    • Dakota
    • Boulevard of Broken Dreams
    • All the Small Things
    • Saturday
    • The Carpal Tunnel of Love

    Hope you will get the album. So Pre-order now! Check blink-947.bandcamp.com to listen to our music. The album New, Old and Rare Covers will be out at the end of September or early October this year.

    14 March 2014

    A Very Special Concert

    Guess what?! The Harvard Din & Tonics are back! For the first time ever, in Singapore Polytechnic Convention  Centre, 2 Aug 2014, 7.30pm, A Very Special Concert was hosted by of course, Pathlight School and Singapore Polytechnic, the mrbrown show and Static brown Show is proud to be part of this event on 2 Aug.

    Special appearances by Pathlight School Choir and Singapore Polytechnic Choir will be singing together for the first time.

    More updates to come from justintanwc.blogspot.sg and justintanwc.wordpress.com.

    This show, Static brown Show, is brought to you for the first time ever, by Razer Pro|Solutions™ and Imaginary Friends Studios

    Special thanks to Ms Denise Phua (MP for Moulmein-Kallang GRC) for making this announcement on the 13 March 2014! But... A Very Special Walk was put on hold because I should be leaving Pathlight School to pursue other ventures within E2C.

    10 March 2014

    Introducing the mrbrown show TV

    Plans for every needs to be ready by this month.

    Video editing

    The videos will be soon started to be edited using iMovie from the iPad.

    Video publishing

    The introduction of the mrbrown show TV will be published as soon as we finish editing the videos we had made so far.

    So we want you to get updated when the details will be revealed. Plans has also been revealed when we chat with the DJs from 987FM, Class95fm, HOT FM91.3 and Hitz.fm. Hitz.fm is a radio station for Malaysian community.

    A short film has already shelved

    Plans for the upcoming short movie from me will be streamed on my Vimeo and YouTube channels as the mini-movie was made because my dad already signed me up for the camp, and I agreed to have a mini-movie to be made at around 15 minutes. But however, it was completely shelved due to unforeseen circumstances and it was because of the return of the haze. Hotspots has been detected from Malaysia and Sumatra. The film will be made in the future. Thank you. 

    broadcast: shooting stars

    mr brown and Mr Miyagi on handphone stars, singapore idol stars, and the aeroplane stars of Asian Aerospace.

    Go to usabrownworld.tumblr.com site for "the mrbrown show 20060227: shooting stars"

    broadcast: return to A class

    Singapore healthcare needs a new kind of hero, someone who knows what means testing means!

    Go to usabrownworld.tumblr.com site for "the mrbrown show: return to A class"