20 August 2013

Save Rock and Roll: The Young Blood Chronicles (Update 1/9)

Youtube link (for Part 1/11): http://usabrown.com/LkIWmsP3c_s
Youtube link (for Part 2/11): http://usabrown.com/5hDZbroaQDc

This is the short film from Fall Out Boy. The Young Blood Chronicles is a series of the music videos which has been added this year recently...

14 August 2013


Youtube link: http://usabrown.com/5eXYVRGu_3A

No matter what I mean of all these things we mean it because we go with the movie.

The movie was first announced according to my Facebook post, this movies comes with a combination of TV series Mata Mata and the movie X-Men.

We have the various characters of X(Mata)Men that was still on development like Prof. X, Wolvarine, Magneto and more.


And..... coming to a cinema near you.

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13 August 2013

broadcast: TalkingCock in Parliamen, Hossan Leong (video)

Youtube link: http://usabrown.com/utsT_0hZX3o

The archive for this video has been loaded on YouTube recently few months ago.

TalkingCock.com held its first spoken word “live” event, TalkingCock in Parliament: We, the Citizens, at Old Parliament House on Thursday, 24 August 2006. It was in support of Indignation 2006 and was an evening of light-hearted speeches celebrating Singaporean-ness. The mrbrown show was proud to be part of it.

This is a video of Hossan Leong’s segment. Got lyrics for you to sing along to even!

(Video footage courtesy of Kelvin of www.saltwetfish.net). Warning, this is quite the big file hor. Yes, we know Youtube there got, but ours got karaoke lyrics.

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