26 March 2014

the mrbrown show: drilling platform of wondrous dreams and feelings

We decided to pitch in and promote the Marine Industry of Singapore and inspire Singaporeans to carve out careers in this growing industry, like our local TV station did. Follow the lives of our protagonists Hong Khan, Siu Lee and Kenny as they protagonise in our epic series.

Special shoutouts to our Golden Hoarse award-winning actors Yina and Steve, and Mr “Movie Voice” Tan.

This episode of the mrbrown show is sponsored by Mobile Podcast from M1. M1 customers can now enjoy the mrbrown show plus thousands of exciting podcasts on your mobile phone! Call 1627 to subscribe or visit www.miworld.com.sg for more information!

Go to usabrownworld.tumblr.com site for "the mrbrown show: drilling platform of wondrous dreams and feelings"

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